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Non-electric Igniting System
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Non-electric Igniting System, which consists of delay squib, in-hole detonator and connector block, is a new-type surface igniting system with no explosive and initiating charge. It is suitable for use in blasting operation of tunneling and stripping. During network connection, the application of the special designed connector block improves the operation efficiency and economical efficiency. The design of surface delay squib can solve the problem that the initiation power of other non-electric igniting system is too large to destroy the surface connection. The system will not produce chips after explosion to make the network safer and more reliable.



200ms (surface)/4000ms (in-hole), more products with other specification can be provided as required by customer.


Technical Parameters

Shell material:aluminum, aluminum alloy

The length of shock tube:0.5m for surface detonator, 1.5m for in-hole detonator (It can be determined as required by customer.)

Delay time:For surface detonator, refer to the delay time of Truck-line Surface Detonator; For in-hole detonator, refer to the delay time of Shock-tube Delay Detonator.