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KL1.2LM (A) Miner’s Cap Lamp
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KL1.2LM(A) type miner’s cap lamp ( lamp) is this kind of lamp controlled by single slide machine, made with efficient LED lighting tube, aiding light,Iron phosphate power to the integral type micro mining lamp. This mining lamp gets rid of the burden of traditional heavy battery box and cable,which combines the latest mining lamp and scientific designing. The whole device is as the same weight as the hap mining light, the lightness and the angle can be adjusted accordingly, there is no need to change the way of charging, it can be finished on the traditional charging rack.

KL1.2LM(A) integral type mining lamp can be widely used in the underground environment which is full of explosive gases for lighting , the battery adopts Iron phosphate battery, no memory, no maintain, environment friendly and reliable. 


Main technical parameters:

Battery style

Ferric phosphate lithium

Rated capacity


Rated voltage


Lighting time


LED main light source

Rated working rated current


Length of life


Max luminance

(1m apart from the lamp)

When lighting begins


After lighting for 11h


Sub-lighting source rated power


Length of life


Charging voltage


Charging time


Explosion protection

Exs 1

Protection grade


Dimensions of headpiece