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Long-time Delay Initiating Detonator
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 (Long-time Delay) Initiating Detonator is a new-type detonator specially used for initiating blasting network. It is suitable for use in blasting operation site where no explosion hazard of marsh-gas and mine dust exits and can also be applied to blasting operations of general mining, tunneling, road-building, bridge-construction and building water conservancy projects. Comparing with other initiating ways, this product can make particular warning effects to improve the safety during operation.



(Long-time Delay) Shock-tube Detonator, (Long-time Delay) Electric Detonator


Technical Parameters

Shell material:aluminum alloy

Shell outside diameter:Ф7.2mm

Nominal delay time (min):5, 10, 15, 20


Special Hints for Operation

After detonation, the product can produce 1.5min red smoke for warning. If the product is not initiated in specified delay time, it is not allowed the operators to get into the operation site to change the products for next initiation within 30min.

A detonator is included in this product. Under the conditions of normal applications, the product can bear all kinds of impact forces. Even so, please pay more attention to avoiding the damage of detonator causing by the improper operation.

Operation of the product shall be strictly followed the related blasting regulations and operation rules.

During operation, the product shall be treated to protect the product from water and moisture. Don’t immerse the product in water.