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Anti-RF Seismic Electric Detonator
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Comparing with Common Seismographic Electric Detonator, this product has the function of radio-frequency resistance, so the safety of the product is improved. It is good at synchronized ignition and has a strange resistance to static electricity. The radio-frequency and static-electricity resistance of this product is better than that of the Common Seismographic Electric Detonator.


Technical Parameters

Shell material:cooper-clad nickel-plated steel, copper

The core material of blasting cord:copper

The length of blasting cord:2m (It can be determined as required by customer.)

Series detonating current:When 20 electric detonators are connected in series with 3.5A constant DC current, all 20 detonators shall explode.

Water resistance:Immerse the products in water at the depth of 30m for 72 hours, the initiating performance shall not change.

Radio-frequency resistance (For radio-frequency resistance type):For 50MHz-200MHz frequency, the radio frequency will be attenuated by 20db.