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MG1000/2600-WD Coal Shearer
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MG1000/2600-WD serial coal shearer can be used in mining coal seam whose height is 4.0-6.2m



Performance and characteristic Performance and characteristic

Can be used in mining 4.0-6.2m coal seam.

Speed can be auto changed, walk on the trail.

Monitoring the working condition and displayed in Chinese.

Complete protection and memory function.

Can be connected by USB.

Cutting height can be adopting.

Can be operated both manually and remotely.

Safety degree is raised by using speed killer on the cutting machine.

Both pulling parts is acquired with a pump station, both roller can be adjusted at the same time.

Each part of the machine is connected by high-strength bolt.

High working rate, is able to cut through hard coal seam and thick.

The oil tank is located on the upper part of the machine which is more suitable for the pressure-taking regular.




Model & Technical parameter


Cutting height range(m)

4.0~6.2(Ø3.1m Roller)

Cutting depth(m)


Adapt dip angle Coal bed pitch (°)


Roll drum diameter (m)

Ø3.0; Ø3.1; Ø3.2

Roll drum speed( r/min)


Length of rocker (mm)


Rocker arm swinging angle (mm)


Traction force(kN)

1407; 1105

Traction speed( m/min)

0~11.; 0~14

Traction mode

 Electric traction (AC)without chain pin rail

Machine height (mm)

2900(Top guard is at level)-3787(Top guard is rising)

Minimum dinting capacity (mm)


Dust suppression mode

Inside and outside spraying

Installed power (KW)




Designed product capacity (t/h)


Max. non-detachable component size(mm)

Electric control part: 3350×1700×1342,

Cutting part4:330×2431×1290

Max. non-detachable weight(kg)

Electric control part :15000,

Cutting part:18500

Weight  (t)

Nearly 153

Corollary conveyer

SGZ1000/1400; SGZ1250/1400