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Digital Electronic Detonator
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Digital Electric Detonator is the most technologically high-end products in the world currently, which is also known as intelligent detonator. It is equipped with intelligent electronic chips, which is like the human brain, being able to memorize the key bursting data, read out, and correct in case of being wrong.

Compared with the ordinary delay detonator, the digital electric detonator has three main performance advantages:

High precision: it refers that during the blasting, the delay time can be set at within 18000 milliseconds with 1 ms interval, it is supposed to set 18000 segments, while the traditional detonator can only be set 20 segments within 2000ms.

High reliabilityit can resist to 70meters water depth, 72 hours (3days), and traditional detonators only resist 1m water depth, and 24 hours (1day).

High security Anti-RF, anti-lightning, and strong miscellaneous electricity and electrostatic capacity.


Advantage of the digital electronic detonator

1、The delay precision of digital electronic detonator is controlled via the center microprocessor on the chip, compared with the traditional pyrotechnical items, the delay precision of digital electronic detonator has achieved the improvement of “quantum number level”.

2、Through the precise controlled blasting of the delayed time of each blasthole, we can optimize the network parameters of hole, lower the unit explosives consumption. In the throwing blasting, you can effectively increase the throw rate and improve blasting fragmentation and blasting pile loose degrees.

3、The extension time can be precisely achieved in accordance with the blasting design, effectively improving the pre-blasting effect, increasing the side slope stability, decreasing the damage of throw blasting to the adjacent steps, and reducing the impact of seismic waves on the surrounding building.

4、After the interconnection of digital electronic detonator, the online and calibrated on-line at will upon request. It can prevent the leakage connection, generate the blind gun, and realized the trouble-free reliable detonator.

5、The delay time precision of digital electronic detonator is adjustable, making the ore and effectively be separated, which helps to reduce the dilution.

6、The digital electronic detonator can meet the complex blasting construction under certain conditions, and can achieve a lot of multi-layer mining that cannot been realized by the previously used non-electric detonator, precision collapse blasting of the city center, the water cofferdam blasting, and the other complex blasting design. Digital electronic detonator uses a kind of precise and timing micro-electronic chip to replace the traditional extended drug. It is the high precision and high-tech blasting equipment that can realize the on-site programming with such advantages like high blasting efficiency, low per unit consumption dose, and the safe and reliable use of network, being able to meet the millisecond damping design requirements of the complex blasting project. It is the most ideal blasting operations network optimization design and millisecond damping.