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Shock-tube Delay Initiating System
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Shock-tube Delay Initiating System, which consists of plastic connector block, Shock Tube, Trunk-line Surface Detonator and high-precision Delay Shock-tube Detonator, is a high –precision blasting network with capacities of hole-by-hole initiation and time –delay for both surface detonator and in –hole detonator. The system can be applied to blasting operation of tunneling and open deep-hole bench blasting. It also has obvious integrated efficiency of perfect blasting effects, small blasting shock, good blasting safety and high connection efficiency.



25ms/350ms, 25ms/500ms,25ms/750ms,100ms/1500ms,200ms/4000ms,250ms/6000ms.more products with other specification can also be provided as required by customer.


Technical Parameters

Shell material:aluminum, aluminum alloy

The length of shock Tube:2m (It can be determined as required by customer.)

Water resistance:Place the products into water at the depth of 30m for 24 hours; it shall be reliably fired during firing test.

Initiating power:The detonator can initiate 5 shock tubes passed through the plastic connector block at most. (Trunk-line Surface Detonator)

When tested on 5mm thick lead-plate, the diameter of hole burst in the plate shall be more than the outside diameter of the detonator. (High-precision Delay Shock-tube Detonator).