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Trunk-line Surface Detonator
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Trunk-line Surface Detonator is a new-type of low-energy detonator. The application of this product can reduce the risk of blasting and improve the blasting effect and operating efficiency.

The product is suitable for use in the blasting operation of underground mining and open mining where no explosion hazard of marsh-gas and mine dust exists and will be immune to stray current, static electricity and high-frequency radio waves. It is very accurate for delaying action and can achieve the effect of accurate millisecond blasting. It is a low-energy detonator specially designed for initiating shock tubes or detonating cords and will not destroy the detonating network with its proper detonating power during blasting operation. In the blasting network, the product plays the role of delaying action at the surface and can be applied to achieve the effect of large-scale hole-by-hole blasting. The product can be easily and quickly connected with Shock-tube Delay Detonator by means of plastic connector blocks to form a Shock-tube Delay Detonating System. Parts of the performance for this product can meet the requirements of European Standard.



9ms, 17ms, 25ms, 35ms, 42ms, 67ms, 109ms, 176ms, 200ms, more products with other specification can also be provided as required by customer.


Technical Parameters

Shell material:aluminum, aluminum alloy

Shock tube:high strength shock tube

The length of shock tube:3m (It can be determined as required by customer.)

Initiating power:The detonator can initiates 5 shock tubes through the plastic connector block at most.


Special Hints for Operation

For the operation of connector block in network connection, first, open the lid of the block and put shock tubes one by one into the slot, then snap on the lid. The slot can hold 5 shock tubes or one detonating fuse. To prevent the shock tubes pull out from the C-shaped plastic connector block, the tail-end of shock tubes shall be knotted.