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Cino Mining is a specialist and comprehensive large supplier in mining equipment,mining machinery, mining blasting product and mining services. Our products cover all mining-related areas, including underground coal mines, opencast coal mines and all kinds of underground and open surface metal mines.

China is the world's largest mineral producer, but also the world's largest country demand for minerals. Being as one of the most important mining equipment supplier in China, Cino Mining is not only committed to providing quality products and services to our China's large mining companies, but also committed to making our Chinese high-quality mining equipment out of the country, so as to provide the best quality mining equipment and services to all of the mining companies around the world.

With China's economic development, technological advances, the quality of our mining equipment and technology has reached the international advanced level, not only to meet the needs of our Chinese mining customer, while able to meet a lot of large international mining companies for quality and technical requirements. Meanwhile more and more Chinese mining companies to conduct mining operations around the world, being as the member of China Mining Association, Cino Mining is also committed to providing products and services for our Chinese mining customers around the world.

Cino Mining is headquartered in Shanghai China, has branches and offices in Hong Kong, Australia, and several countries in South America in order to provide quality products and the most timely service to our customers.